Communication is transferring information from one brain to another.*

Hello Silverstein is an unconventional writer and creative, offering a refreshing approach to communication. I ensure content is engaging and acted upon (what good is it otherwise?), delivering information with insight, personality and artistry.

Are you launching a business, a product, a website, working on a book, invigorating your brand, business development material, collateral, expanding your social network, blogging, contesting a parking ticket? I can help.

My style is likeable, conversational, simply human. I find it’s the way people prefer to be spoken to… like people. I have a knack for unearthing the personality of a company, its people, their products and ideas. I connect to the WHY. Why? Because, that’s where the passion and creativity live. And, a thoughtful, well-rounded message—visual or written—from that place, will bring about the best connection of all: the long-lasting, richly creative, honest to goodness, 100% genuine connection with your audience.

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*Neville Medhora