I make the world just a bit brighter – and so do you

Personal growth, it’s my jam. After 26 years of therapy, hundreds of books, and several life experiences, I know a thing or two, about a thing or two.

I’m a coach, catalyst, collaborator. I help you move forward. Find success doing more of what you love, be it in business or life — it’s all one, really. I hold space. Go direct. Provide clarity. Offering nudges, both the gentle and powerful. I support you in bringing out your best self. In realizing your vision. But first, what is your vision? We must start there!

I’m an improvisor, on and off stage. Intuitive too. My process flows depending on the person, place, and day of the week. In the end, we’re all going for more goodness and less shittiness — the desire is universal — and sometimes we need a little help making it happen that way. All in all, I’m not a bad person to have on your team. A bit of wind beneath the ‘ol wings.